Chrome Extension Developer Vlas Bashynskyi

Vlas helped create more than three hundred chrome extensions that were used by hundreds of thousands of users. He has hundreds of testimonials and five-star reviews from satisfied clients and users of chrome extensions that he developed.

Video Introduction


Over the last decade I have worked with a lot of smart, creative and talented people. I am very grateful for the opportunity of working with every one of you, for giving me the chance to gain real world experience and hone my skills while working on your project. I appreciate your patience, generosity and empathy. I owe a lot to you and I could not have done anything without you. Thank you.

Examples of chrome extensions

Check out these examples of custom chrome extensions that I have developed in the past. Most likely, I have already created a browser plugin that solves a problem similar to yours.

Extension for Zillow with Google Sheets integration
This custom chrome extension helps real estate agents access their database of prospects via a lightning-fast interface.
Extension for Shopify with PDF export option
The purpose of this borwser plugin is to generate PDF files of greeting cards from notes inside Shopify interface.
Unlimited free screen recorder
This chrome extension tool is similar to the popular Loom browser plugin. This tool uses MediaStreams and ffmpeg on the backend for media processing.
Image preloader for Google Drive
If you or your teammates spend a lot of time waiting for images to load in Google Drive, this custom chrome extension tool can help.
Form template manager and autofiller
Filling out the same form with the same information regularly is a waste of time. Use a custom chrome extension like this instead.


In this blog you can find a collection of articles by experienced chrome extension developers. Here you can find out about best practices, common mistakes and pitfalls discovered in real world. Interviews with developers and owners of successfull plugins. We hope you can find an answer to a question that has been bugging you, or learn something useful.

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