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The keys to higher candidate quality, lower costs, and greater diversity are in your hands. But to achieve your hiring goals, you need recruiting intelligence and control at every step of the process. It starts with your job descriptions.

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Land qualified candidates from application to offer. Great job descriptions are the best way to reach your goals – and Datapeople is the best way to write them. Powered by data from millions of job outcomes, Datapeople helps hiring teams write clear, compelling jobs proven to attract qualified candidates and fill faster. Empower hiring teams to write best-in-class jobs Calibrate requirements, titles, and more with market data Enforce and elevate your employer brand Systematically bake fairness into every step of the process. Inclusive job descriptions are crucial for recruiting a more diverse workforce – but you can’t stop there. Datapeople's recruiting intelligence helps you eliminate bias from your hiring process for a more diverse pool of qualified applicants and hires. Empower hiring teams to write inclusive job descriptionsEasily monitor, de-risk, and level up your job contentTrack and optimize how candidates from different demographics progress through your pipeline Decrease time-to-fill. Increase productivity and morale. Datapeople automates workflows, gives guardrails, and facilitates collaboration for all recruiting stakeholders. So it’s quick & easy for hiring managers and recruiters to post compelling, compliant, and calibrated jobs proven to fill faster. Organize all of your jobs and templates in one placeBuild workflows that fit right into your tech stackGet job descriptions right the first time (every time) Maximize ROI with data-driven decisions. Stop wasting time, budget, and credibility due to lack of visibility. Datapeople provides full-funnel recruiting intelligence on demand so you can stop guessing, start forecasting, and use data to make better hiring decisions. Turn your messy recruiting data into meaningful insights – without the manual workArm yourself with data to back up your point of viewID sources that work (and stop spending on the others)

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