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Available in almost sites: websites, PDF, Youtube, Netflix, Coursera, Udemy, Codecademy,... TOP FEATURES ★ LOOK UP WORDS WITH 1 CLICK • WATCH WITH DUAL SUB on YouTube, Netflix, Coursera, Udemy, Codecademy,... • LOOK UP INSTANTLY any new English words, idioms, and common phrases on any WEBSITES & VIDEO PLATFORMS. • Translation: Translation of a word, a PHRASE, or even a PARAGRAPH (sourced from AI, Google Translate, Microsoft) • Get all useful information of any word: + Definition: Words' meaning with phonetic transcription and audio pronunciation + US, UK pronunciation + Collocation: learn how to use a word correctly + Synonym: Have better word choices with similar words + Slang: Know what a word/phrase means as slang (if applicable) + Word family: build vocabulary by knowing patterns and root words + Example sentences: See a word/phrase in examples + Say It: Search for video contexts that contain the word + Others: search more via GIF, Google and Wikipedia • PDF-friendly: Look up words on PDF files on Google Chrome • Inline Translation: Have your translation displayed right next to the original text ★ MASTER YOUR VOCABULARY WITH SPACED REPETITION • Remember vocabulary easier with engaging games: Fill in the blank, Guess the word, Rearrange the block, Type what you hear, and Speaking • eJOY applies SPACED REPETITION ALGORITHMS in learning vocabulary. With this, we will remind you to review the words only when necessary and help you to memorize them FOREVER. • The vocabulary data and learning progress will be synchronized with the eJOY English app on your phone ★ SAVE AND ORGANIZE VOCABULARY • Save and organize words by topic. You can edit the meaning of words before saving. • Save COMMON PHRASES of native speakers in your personal wordbooks ★ LOOK UP IN PDF WITH PDF TRANSLATOR • Import your PDF documents to eJOY to quickly look up and translate words in the file • Translate text on online PDF files ★ AUDIO READER: DON'T JUST READ, LISTEN • Turn any selected text or the whole page into audio. Practice listening and reading skills at the same time • Choose your favorite voice among several British English and American English voices ----- HOW TO USE eJOY • Download eJOY English extension from Chrome store • Whenever you see a new word or phrase, click on it to get its meaning • Choose the most suitable meaning. Add it to a wordbook • Go to Game Center to play games with the saved words • Subscribe to eJOY Channel for more tips: https://www.youtube.com/c/eJOYEnglish/ ----- EJOY’S ECOSYSTEM With only one account, you can get access to all eJOY products: • eJOY Extension - extension to learn English through movies on Chrome • eJOY English App - mobile app to learn English with daily short videos and games https://ejoy-english.com/app • eJOY Reader App - mobile app to learn English with news https://ejoy-english.com/en/ejoy-reader • eJOY EPIC App & Web - practice listening comprehension, vocabulary and grammar on Web and Mobile https://ejoy-english.com/epic • eJOY Go - practice English skills and learn vocabulary topics on website https://ejoy-english.com/go ----- eJOY Extension is developed by eJOY Learning Team - who has been awarded THE 1st prize in StartUpViet Contest - organized by VNExpress in 2022 and the 3rd prize in the National Innovative Technopreneur Contest - TECHFEST in 2019 organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. ----- CONTACT • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eJOYGlobal • Contact: support@eiov-english.com • Terms of use: https://ejoy-english.com/terms • Privacy policy: https://ejoy-english.com/privacy

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