Streamline your workflow with Flux! Capture information and its source from the web and PDFs by highlighting.

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Flux is the simplest way to streamline your research workflow! ❌ No more copying and pasting! ❌ Stop losing citations and rereading articles to find quotes! As you read through web pages or PDFs, Flux will capture your insights by saving anything you highlight into the sidebar. The sources automatically link with the captures to prevent any quotes from getting lost. Unlock the Power of Flux: ✅ Effortless Text Capture: Seamlessly grab and store important excerpts with a simple highlight. ✅ Organized Topics: Stay on top of your research by categorizing and organizing your captured content. ✅ Hassle-Free Access: No logins or complicated syncing required. Flux is designed for simplicity and efficiency. ✅ It's FREE! Enjoy all the benefits of Flux without spending a dime. When ready, your captures and their sources can be downloaded as a spreadsheet or text file. 🔸 For feedback, please leave us a review or send us an email: aaronmills0813@gmail.com 🔸 ============================================================================= 🟢 Features we plan to implement in the future 🟢 ◾️ Editing captures ◾️ Support standard source citation formats ◾️ Visually show highlights within the articles


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