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Follow Export for LinkedIn™️

Extract all the users following your LinkedIn profile, and all the users who your followed, Save user profile data to CSV.

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Extract all the users following your LinkedIn profile. Find who amongst your LinkedIn followers are influencers with this powerful LinkedIn automation. This LinkedIn automation can let you know your followers' follower count. This information is super powerful in order to determine who are your most influential followers. 🔥 FEATURES ✓ Extract your profile's followers ✓ Extract your profile's followings ✓ Extract user company, school, location and more profile ✓ Export all follower user's follower count and following status ✓ Save and download vote list in CSV/EXCEL/JSON format. EXPORT COLUMNS #Profile Link, #First Name, #Last Name, #Full Name, #Picture URL, #Subtitle, #Follower Count, #Is Following, #Company Name, #Company Title, #School Name, #Degree Name, #Field Of Study, #Industry Name, #Summary, #Location Name, #Country Name, #Address, #Prefer Country Code, #Prefer Language Code, #Birth Date, #Is Student 👋 FAQ If you have any questions, please keep in touch via help@niomaker.com. 🔒 DATA PRIVACY All data is processed in your local computer, never passing through our web server, and no one knows what you save. 💡 DISCLAIMER Follow Export is not endorsed by or affiliated with the LinkedIn Corporation, registered in the U.S. and other countries. LinkedIn is a trademark of the LinkedIn Corporation.


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