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QuillBot: AI Grammar and Writing Tool

Improve Your Writing with QuillBot’s Grammar Checker, Paraphrasing Tool & Summarizer

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The Chrome extension for QuillBot’s AI writing platform helps you write faster, smarter, and better. Save time and instantly improve your writing with our cutting-edge grammar checker, paraphrasing tool, and summarizer. Join 30+ million people worldwide who have used QuillBot's AI writing platform to enhance their writing and streamline their workflow. QuillBot’s AI Writing Platform: ★ Grammar Checker - Checks your writing for grammar and punctuation errors - Includes a powerful spell checker to help you double-check your spelling and avoid misusing words - Gives your written work a final polish—even when you don’t feel like doing it ★ Paraphrasing Tool - Helps to overcome writer’s block and other common writing challenges - Offers different ways of writing your text - Helps non-native English writers articulate their ideas faster and more fluently - Provides statistics about the tone and style of your writing ★ Summarizer - Condenses everything from news articles to emails to academic papers into digestible key points - Allows English language learners to compare their manual recap to an AI-generated summary to test reading comprehension and summarizing skills - Analyzes any piece of writing to see what the AI thinks the main points are - Helps with reading comprehension for dense or tricky texts --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT PERMISSIONS By installing the QuillBot extension for Chrome, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service stated here: https://quillbot.com/terms and the Privacy Policy here: https://quillbot.com/privacy.

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