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Easily Send Voice Messages via Gmail and Outlook 365. RapidReply BETA (Free to use during testing).

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Are you struggling to keep up with your inbox? Are you spending nights and weekends answering email inquiries? Perhaps you have tried using templates but hate how impersonal they feel. Or you’re responding with video, but hate having to be “camera ready” each and every day. Rapid Reply is your answer to efficiently responding to emails, while still providing a personal touch. Forget video. Audio messaging is quickly becoming the favored medium for communication. Facebook released their voice message feature back in 2013. Since then, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn and even Apple iMessage have adopted similar functionality. But the question we’ve all been asking is, when will Gmail or Outlook 365 release their voice message feature? Well, if you're tired of waiting, you're going to love Rapid Reply. Start replying with audio messaging in just three simple steps. 1. Click the microphone button 2. Record your short or in-depth personal audio reply, or new message 3. Attach your recordings directly within Gmail Features Include: • An elegant microphone button, moveable to your preferred location • A quick select microphone menu • Recordings without time limits “I answered 85 emails in just 6 hours, while providing a much more personal and detailed response. This same level of activity would have taken me days if I had responded with text. I love this extension.” - Matthew Pollard, author of the bestselling Introvert’s Edge book series

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