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Roi4Presenter Customer Catcher helps you create a link to a presentation and set it up without leaving Gmail, Outlook or Linkedin.

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ROI4Presenter is a powerful solution for product demo, lead generation and outreach what helps businesses and individuals maximize their presentation and other content effectiveness and conversions. Receive a notification when your content is being viewed or listened to and join the conversation with your viewers and listeners to generate leads. Unlike presentation creation tools, ROI4Presenter provides a comprehensive suite of features that enable you to optimize your existing content and make informed decisions based on data analysis. With our platform, you can monitor your presentation's performance and evaluate audience engagement. Moreover, we offer clients the convenience of reaching out to your business with just one click, enabling you to collect leads data from your YouTube videos, and tailor your marketing materials to each potential customer. Whether you're a marketer, sales representative, or educator, ROI4Presenter is an ideal tool that can enhance your content delivery and help you achieve your target results. Customer Catcher integrates R4P with your email and LinkedIn. After its installation you will see an icon of presentation in your Gmail, Outlook or LinkedIn mailbox. You can put a weblink to your presentation in your message by clicking this icon directly from messaging application, set up the parameters and forget about it. ROI4Presenter sets up and shows the presentation, even without your presence. Catch leads and clients for your content 24/7 --- Important: To get full access to all features, you need to register on roi4presenter.com or in mobile app ROI4Presenter

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