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Learn American Sign Language while browsing the web.

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The fun and easy way to learn ASL while browsing the web! This simple Chrome extension will translate English words on the web into ASL videos. Click the highlighted words you want to learn, and Signspaces will provide a pop-up video of the sign. Learning ASL is literally as easy as clicking and watching all in one place. Try Signspaces for yourself and add to chrome for free! 🀟🏾 Available languages - ASL We'll be releasing more sign languages soon! πŸ”œ 🌟 Free Features Signspaces Basic: Free βœ… Learn while browsing βœ… Works on any website with English text βœ… Watch videos and learn how to sign words βœ… Learn sign synonyms βœ… Take a break from studying ASL, highlighted words will disappear βœ… Remove words you don't want to study πŸ’Ž Premium Features Signspaces Premium: $9.99/month or $95.88/year (Save 20%) Try Free for 14 days βœ… Everything from free plan plus... βœ… Learn how to sign sentences βœ… Save this word and sentences to review later βœ… Celebrate your progress and check off words you know 🏫 Signspaces Education Designed for schools and districts. Contact us for customized pricing. Request quote: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/179iJ0EPPZkG4HmmmLTohgDWAxIPRYZVI1f2oYi3DNTA βœ… Access granted to all staff and students throughout your entire school or district. βœ… All features are included. Not ready for a quote yet? Contact support@signspaces.com 🏨 Signspaces Business Designed for businesses and organizations. Contact us for customized pricing. Request quote: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1OaXDnsKoZWDD5wox_OoFU-eo0od-79G0w-ei9TqU6LA βœ… Access granted to all employees throughout your entire business. βœ… All features are included. Not ready for a quote yet? Contact support@signspaces.com To see all the features and learn more, check out https://www.signspaces.com/features/ πŸ’» How Signspaces works 1. Install Signspaces Extension 2. Browse the web 3. Click highlighted words and ASL video will appear! 4. Watch videos and learn how to sign words and sentences while hanging out online. If you have any questions, comments, feedback, or additional feature requests please email me at support@signspaces.com. πŸ”’ Privacy When you install Signspaces, a message appears saying that the extension can β€œread and change all your data on the websites you visit.” That's just the required permission, we need to be able to identify the words on each webpage so that we can display the ASL signs or translation. Signspaces does not track sites you visit or any personal data from you. Learn more about Signspaces’s privacy policy at https://signspaces.com/privacy-policy πŸ†˜ FAQ & Contact FAQ: https://signspaces.com/faq Contact us: https://signspaces.com/contact πŸ“² Social Pages Instagram: https://instagram.com/signspaces Twitter: https://twitter.com/signspaces Facebook: https://facebook.com/signspaces Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/signspaces 🧏🏽 Founded by Deaf-Owned Business

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