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Similarweb - Traffic Rank & Website Analysis

See website traffic and key metrics for any website, including engagement rate, traffic ranking, keyword ranking and traffic source.

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Get in-depth insights on any website you visit. Similarweb’s free extension is your all-in-one solution for website analysis and traffic monitoring. The ultimate competitive digital intelligence tool — now right from your browser! Visit any competitor's website and get instant data to boost your marketing strategy. Easily access key metrics for any site, including visits over time, site rank by country and category, plus geographic traffic share and traffic sources. FEATURES: 🥇 Website Rank Find out where a specific website ranks globally, in a particular country, and within its category and industry. 📈 Visits Over Time Reveal how many visits a website receives over time, its bounce rate, the number of pages visited per session, the number of monthly website visits, and a user’s average duration. 🌎 Geography Explore the top countries driving traffic, and see the percentage of visits from each country. 🚦 Traffic Sources Discover the different traffic sources bringing visitors to a specific website, including direct, search, email, social, referrals, and display ads. REVIEWS: ✅ “This is one of the best plugins ever” ✅ “Out-of-this-world extension to research the competition” ✅ “Must have for marketers” ✅ “Most accurate data” ✅ “As a Product Manager, this is one of my most-used tools” ✅ “Very helpful tool for traffic analysis” The Similarweb website traffic checker extension is the ideal tool for website owners, marketers, and SEO professionals who want to monitor website ranking, analyze website traffic, and gain insights into their competitors' websites. Visit our website to learn more about our powerful digital intelligence solutions: https://www.similarweb.com/ Download the extension today for in-depth insights on every website. The Similarweb extension provides you with website rankings as well as many other metrics. Before you can start using the extension, you’ll need to approve the collection of anonymized clickstream data, including All Hosts, WebRequest, WebRequestBlocking, Web Navigation, tabs, and storage. Data is collected on the domains that you browse. For more information regarding our data collection, we urge you to review our privacy policy before installing our add-on, available here: https://www.Similarweb.com/corp/legal/extension-privacy-policy/.

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