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Snowplow Analytics Debugger

Debug your Snowplow Analytics implementation with the Snowplow Analytics Debugger in Developer Tools. If you work with Snowplow a lot, you will find it useful.

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How It Works


If you work with Snowplow as much as we do, you know debugging is not as straightforward as inspecting hits with the network tab. Now it is!. Looking to improve developers day-to-day during implementation and quality assurance of Snowplow, we've created a Chrome extension that is both simple and intuitive to use. Features - Collector Override for easy debug - Event validation with detailed errors - Custom Iglu servers (including your local drive) - Rest your eyes with Chrome Dark and Light themes - Easier QA, export to CSV - See what you need, filter for any parameter Changelog v.1.2.0 Bugfixes + Migrated to Manifest v3.0 + Disabled caching of schemas to ease schema development + Fixed inconsistent colors in long event list v1.1.0 - August 2021 + Added red background when hits have invalid payload (against schema) + Event validation against available schema with detailed errors + Hit detail reveal IGLU repositories schema URL used for validation + Several bug fixes Please report any issues and feature requests to hello@snowcatcloud.com.

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