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Multi-window vertical tab manager in side panel. Save and restore tabs. tabGroups supported

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📢 Multi-window vertical tabs manager in side panel, organize your tabs 📌 Why you should consider this: ✪ Multi-window vertical tabs in side panel ✪ Window-merger ✪ Set window's title. ✪ Filter tabs & remove duplicates. ✪ Fuzzy search & sort tabs ✪ Save and restore tab groups. ✪ Dark mode. ✪ Share window's as webpage and export all windows in html format ✪ Cross-devices sync. ✪ Pure & clean code that powers fastest performance. No third-party library used. ✪ Negligible memory consumption (consume 400% less memory than new tab). ✪ No tracking. 📌 == FEATURES == ✅ Long-waited vertical tabs in side panel Vertical tabs like edge browser but multi-window vertical tabs ✅ Full featured window manager Only window manager that let you set title of windows. Convert your window into a web page and share & collaborate on it. Do you feel bored while moving a one-one tab from one window to another? We feel same that's why we created - window merger. You can move all tabs from one to another in one click. ✅ Handy Drag and Drop ui Multi-window ui helps you to move tabs from one window to another quickly. Drag and drop tab from saved window to restore it. Drag and drop tab to saved window to save it. ✅ Custom tab manager that solve your clutter: Save and close tabs in one click then later restore it. ✴️ Filter Tabs: ⇒ Filter by domain: Close all same domain tabs in one click. ⇒ Filter by group: Close all same group tabs in one click. ⇒ Remove duplicates : Remove all duplicates tab in one click. ✴️ SORT TABS: ⇒ Domain: Sort and organize tabs according to its domain. ⇒ Title: Sort and organize tabs according to its title. ⇒ Group:Sort and organize tabs according to its group. ✅ More tab manager Features ✴️ Save tab:Save your important tabs and access on any devices. ✴️ Suspend tab:Dramatically reduce memory usage and keep your computer running faster. ✅ Supercharge native tabgroups Whenever you close browser, you lose all grouping and you need to manually restore it. Don't worry, we fix this issue, all groups will be automatically restored. Wait wait !! even more we do: ✤ Group creation: Create a group of selected tabs in one click. ✤ Filter by groups: Filter tabs by its groups. ✤ Sort tabs:Sort tabs according to its group's title. ✅ Cross-devices sync and cloud backups:(coming soon...) Sync your tabs between computers to keep your work organized, no matter how many devices you use or where they are. ♻️ Release notes: 🚀 version 0.0.3 🐛 Fixed: ➡ All tabs below tabgroup hide when tabgroup collapse fixed ➡ save window issue fixed ➡ Move tab between windows issue fixed ➡ tabGroup position when tab add or remove ➕ Added: ➡ Add Suspend Panel btn (right click menu on tabVertikal icon) ➡ Uninstall feedback form added ➡ Edit tab's title by double click on tab's title (temporary only) ➡ TabGroup update popbox added ➡ Auto-completion tabGroup's title 🚀 version 0.0.4 🐛 Fixed: - Nested window bug fixed.Now, You can create nested window. - Sort tabs now working. - Loading spinner now display 🚀 version 0.0.5 🐛 Fixed: - Scrolling issue fixed ⚠️ This extension still in beta. Expect minor bugs. If you find some bug or want new feature, please mail us: <tabrailhelp@gmail.com>


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